Indoor / Outdoor Podcasting

Cinematic podcasting

Podcasting is when a number of people record themselves talking about a topic within a subject

Personal branding

Whether it is a brand or a person, their image within the public eye is important

Informative content

The main benefit of a podcast is to share experiences and knowledge

Reporting services

Reporting service means having a recording session with actual people from the audience

Blogging services

s the same as reporting service but it instead of a reporter its an influencer or celebrity with already established renown and fame

Educational services

Here teachers and members of education are given a podium from which to talk and spread their lessons and teachings to students everywhere.

Medical awareness

Health is the most important thing in our life, and so too the news and events related to it, and because we understand the value of health

Youtube episodes

We offer our podcasting services to a multitude of platforms this extends to youtube, and includes formats like shorts, photos, videos and video series.



Is the activity of writing a sequence of ideas and occurances to contextualize an idea.


Is the activity of transforming an already finished work, so that it becomes coherent within an entirely new vision


The ability to say a meaning (or meanings) of a word/s from language to another, typically in the form

Creative direction

The management of creative elements and processes within a given project.

Casting direction

Is the management of assigning roles for models or actors, Through searching and providing the right recommendations.

Production solutions

Is the thinking and problem solving process of the filmmaking operation, that focuses on managing ideas and creativity

Storyboard design

Is telling a story threw words and pictures, typically in the form of panels (like what you would see in comics), with the added details



Is the process of recording change in movements and characteristics, which is done through filming (video recording)


is the same as videography except for that its has much more quality, with access to advanced utility, like actors, props, and high-tech lighting equipments

Drone service

Drones are a camera man's 3rd eye, which give him new perspectives through access to a variety of shots that weren't possible before

Product photography

This means the process of taking photos of products like perfumes, cars, bags ... etc, and controlling the sensory inputs

Event coverage

his means the process of recording audio and video of activities occurring within a timeframe, in a pre-specified location, highlighting the key moments.

Live photography

Means the process of taking photos of products in a dynamic environment outdoors, as opposed to a controlled setting in an enclosed environment.

Interior and exterior photography

Means the photography of man-made structures, capturing the outside architecture and interior decorations


Montage (video editing)

is the process of cutting and merging videos (or parts of one video), in order to make a coherent and synergetic sequence of events.


colors play a role in how videos and pictures are interpreted, expressed and felt, this gives importance to the ability to control colors


is the process of adding special visual effects to videos in order to enhance and improve the message they are conveying.


is the process of adding special sound effects to audio in order to increase their quality and attract more attention to them.

Text to speech

is the process of adding written captions and subtitles for the purpose of facilitating hearing threw the sense of sight.


is the action in which audio and video elements are combined and synced to be able to be processed by different platforms


Retouching is used in photography, fashion, advertising, and digital media to achieve the desired aesthetic outcomes


Social media designs

Social media designs play a crucial role in the attracting audience’s focus and sight, conveying messages clearly and consistently


Infographics are tools for visual communication, helping to make data and information rich content easier to understand

Motion graphics

motion graphics combine graphic design principles with animation techniques to create captivating visual content that captures


animations are flexible tools for storytelling, education, and communication, with their advancements in technology and creativity.

Audio production


Mixing a step in the audio production process, where the creative decisions influence the final quality


Audio mastering is the final step in the post-production process of an audio production

Voice over (VO)

This refers to a production technique where a voice is used off-camera or off-stage as a narrative technique.

Sound design

Sound design is the art and practice of creating and manipulating audio elements

Music Production

Music production is the process of creating and shaping music recordings. It involves overseeing and managing the entire process from the initial conception of a song or piece of music to its final completion.